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3 definitions by 1st Earl of Granville

When you knee somebody in the kidney, typically until they piss blood. Often seen done to smaller or poorer kids, as a hilarious alternative to a kidney punch, in private boarding schools.

Did you see Gus kinidly the shit out of Bush in the computer room? I heard Bush was pissing blood for days afterwards!
af 1st Earl of Granville 31. januar 2009
9 0
To masturbate.

The word comes from the phrase "Bash the Bishop" i.e. masturbate. (The Bishop in a game of chess resembles a bell-end.)
I had an epic bash over betty last night. She has some mighty fine ass.
af 1st Earl of Granville 17. februar 2009
7 3
A derogatory term for a Chinese person.
Look at that fucking shinwee doing maths.
af 1st Earl of Granville 31. januar 2009
5 2